To Oaktown
The winter has been awfully long
To be inside with just my thoughts
And thinking that where I belong
Is tending my unflowered plot.

And though I've read a lot about
The plants that I can grow at home,
I'm glad to finally be out
Now that I see that spring has come.

And as I wander, I will drink
The sweetness of the fruits you sowed
Aromaed with the gift of these
New blossoms in the warmth and light.

But while I want to spill more ink
Exploring you, with rose-lined roads,
When pausing on my walks, I'm eas-
ily distracted by the sights.

For in the laps of cherry trees,
When lying in their lovely pink
In bloom and open to the breeze,
It's wonderfully hard to think.

So if my pen does not explode,
It's not for lack of my delight.
I'm just unpracticed making odes
and in too good a mood to write.