Lost Boys
The day we met, it felt like it was fate,
As if I knew you from some prior date.
And in a week, it would be crystal clear
The camp was not what made me like it here.
I liked the things that they gave us to do,
But I cared more for this thing that felt new.
That is, my first time making friends like me—
Some others, yes, but mostly you and he
Who would so soon become your summer fling
As we skipped class to do our separate thing.
And as your company I did enjoy,
By circumstance, we met a different boy.
He never wished your romance fall apart,
And yet he longed to also have your heart.
But even though he knew he had no hope,
He loved you still with every teenage trope.
A third wheel trailing like a puppy lost,
While reading sappy poetry by Frost.
And waxing on the beauty of your eyes:
Their blue, the color of those summer skies,
Or like the water of a mountain lake
Down any river it would choose to take.
And playing games together, getting bolder,
Using breaks to sit and rub your shoulders,
Paying close attention to your neck,
And hardly taking time to double-check
With you about this touchy PDA.
And we all acted like it was okay.
I wish someone had told him that it's not,
For maybe then, I never would have caught
Him daring to steal kisses in your sleep,
Which made me hate him. So I killed the creep.