no boys allowed
It's that time of the month again— you're try'n to have fun again in a place that is free of men, 'cause the space'll feel safer then. But when you say your event is one that is meant for women and enbies, I know you mean anyone less masc than me. But you won't hear me asking to go to your game group; I don't really blame you 'cause I feel the same too when I am surrounded by too many guys. Like when I'm around 'em, I'm like an impostor, so need some kinda foster home from that testosterone. And while I'd rather spend my time around femmes, I don't care to blend in, presenting like them, 'cause I won't wear a different disguise. So then, after all, whenever I'm called a man it's my fault; 'cause I don't share my pronouns, there's no way they'd know how that I prefer "they/them" if I never say them and I look like this. Since the tag on my wrist is easily missed, and if they are cis, they may need a hint in order to get the fact that my ring is even a thing; 'cause the flag I fly under— that's made up of lavender, white, and chartreuse— is not often used by non-binary youths. And it might be the truth is I want 'em confused, since I go for anomalous as much as androgynous when I am anonymous, in the digital world, where I don't have to be seen, 'cause I don't owe the world just the one way to be. There, I've called myself "girl" and I've called myself "queen" like the baldest and butchest of all the trans beans to the people unmet who just see words on screens, to keep them unsettled and still on their tenterhooks of how someone genderqueer really is meant to look. But, here, I'm instead the vanilla-est genderfuck. So I don't mean to come at you; at least you're not someone who pretends that there's just the two genders to be and no way between them and no in-between them. Like the TERFs who are stealing our purple-white-green when they find themselves feeling like they were the suffragettes, saying it's rough for them if "trannies" have rights. And I've had enough of them fanning those fights where they side with Republicans, banning our type. And they're making it tough to get care and the meds we need. So I'm sparing my energy for these actual enemies attacking my friends and me, 'Cause I have these advantages passing as masculine, which means that there has to be way better ways to be spending my time than to waste it defending my case for attending tonight. But it still can be tough, feeling not trans enough to be part of this stuff, so please pardon my mood. I don't want to be rude and don't mean to intrude; I must seem like some dude with a cock who is needing to bitch. Just remember to ring me whenever you're meeting to talk about eating the rich.