Looking to write code that is more good than can be done quickly and to do deeds that are more good than they are expedient.


Director of Engineering — Tech for Campaigns (2018 - 2021)
Technical leadership, data engineering, and full-stack web development
(AWS, Python, React, SQL and also Drupal and Rails, but let's not speak of that)

Game Designer and Co-founder — Off Script Games (2017–2018)
Co-design and prototyping for a two-player card game, One Last Job
(GIMP, Scribus, App Engine + Firebase)

Senior Software Engineer — Indiegogo (2014–2015)
Frontend and backend development for Indiegogo's data analytics team
(Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Cassandra, various testing tools)

Anti-Abuse Engineer — Google (2006–2014)
Data analysis and tool design/development for policing Google's ad network
(Python, MySQL, Bigtable, et al.)


Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics — Universtiy of California, Berkeley (Fall 2003–Spring 2006)
Dorothea Klumpke Roberts Prize in Mathematics
High Distinction in General Scholarship


3x3x3 average solve time: ~45 s.
The Game of Clubs: Official Rules
The Gossip Logic Problem
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