I wake up much too early; I didn't get much rest.
So I make a cup of coffee while calling up my best
Friend across the country; we have a lovely talk.
I forage for some breakfast, then take a long-ish walk
On a hunt to find fresh berries at the farmers' market.
I wander in the forest on the pathway through the park. It
Takes me to a clearing.        I take a picture there.
Then back at home, I sit at my computer and prepare
To try to do my taxes on the little bit I earned.
I'm looping through the labyrinth, in the hopes of a return,
But fall into a rabbit hole on YouTube on a lark.
Instead, I clear the cobwebs from that closet that's too dark.
I put some books in order, then give the clothes some air.
And end up setting out that afternoon to share
A story over kava about today's great quest.